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The art of Turkmen carpet weaving: music of life in the rhythm of patterns


https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2012/k-i-n-d3.jpgYou can watch endlessly at three things: how the water flows, the fire burns, and how the threads of the legendary Turkmen carpets are woven into unique patterns.

UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity has been replenished with the traditions of the art of Turkmen hand-made carpet weaving (https://orient.tm/turkmenskoe-kovrodelie-v-spiske-nematerialnogo-kulturnogo-naslediya-chelovechestva-junesko/) This event was dedicated to the conference in the State Museum of Turkmenistan “Carpet – Turkmen national pride”, in the framework of which the opening of the exhibition of the same name was held.

Carpet weaving tools, ancient combs and scissors, a loom are presented at the exposition as the most important tools for carpet weaving. But in the spotlight he is the Turkmen carpet, the soul of the Turkmen, following a historical expression.

“We are overwhelmed with pride that the Turkmen carpet, as an imperishable tradition of craftsmanship, has been included in the List of Cultural Heritage of the World. I would like to congratulate the entire people of Turkmenistan on this event,” says Ovezmuhammet Mammetnurov, director of the State Museum.

At the scientific conference, museum workers, university teachers and carpet weavers with extensive experience discussed significant events related to carpet weaving. Where did the Turkmen carpet ornament come from, where for the first time pieces of wool, twisted in a special way, were found in the still unfamiliar carpet weaving technology.

It is noteworthy that Turkmen carpets are found in many museums in the world. For example, the St. Petersburg Hermitage keeps the historical original of the Pazyryk carpet, which is a creation of the ancient Turkic tribes. And the patterns of Turkmen carpets can be read as a literary work, because the plot line of ornaments is endowed with symbols and signs that are still studied by historians and art historians.

There is a Turkmen proverb: “Weaving a carpet is like digging a well with a needle.” Carpet-makers admit that creating a carpet is not an easy job, which takes a lot of time and effort, but now the fruits of their labors are rewarded with international recognition.

“They say the Taj Mahal has the power of love, and whoever visits this palace will be happy in it, and all the love of the Turkmen people is embodied in the carpet. The value of the carpet is not the past, it is our present and future, it is the music of life recorded in ornaments”, says Turkmen ethnographer scientist Agamurat Baltaev.





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