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Steel, Glass, Bridges – technologies offered by Austrian companies to the Turkmen market

https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-e-6.JPGDear Readers of our Website!

We continue to present to you the Austrian companies, members of the Austrian-https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/e-m.PNGTurkmen Society, who are taking part in the online-meeting Vienna-Ashgabat on January 19 of this year. We dedicated an online meeting to the 30th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan.

Large Austrian construction companies have long shown an active interest in the project of creating a satellite city of the Turkmen capital – Ashgabat City. Their leaders reiterated this at a recent online meeting with representatives of state structures and entrepreneurship of Turkmenistan, organized by the Austrian-Turkmen Society with the assistance of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Vienna.

https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-1.JPGThese companies include Zeman Bauelemente Produktion GmbH. Its general director and owner Peter Zeman expressed his readiness to start negotiations on business cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Construction of Turkmenistan, as well as with private Turkmen construction companies. The proposed area of cooperation is joint production of metal structures for the construction of buildings and structures.

Zeman holding covers more than 20 companies in various countries, has 55 years of https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-e-8.jpgexperience in the steel and mechanical engineering sector, the construction of automated lines and robotics for production of steel beams. Zeman has been supplying steel structures to Turkmenistan since 2012, has its own production facilities in the Emirates, Poland, Turkey, joint production in Ukraine.

Peter Zeman presented the most famous objects in different countries of the world, in the construction of which the company took part. Many of them look epic and at the same time futuristic thanks to the use of non-standard designs made of glass and steel.

The company, one of the first firms in the world to develop a fully automated and robotic line for the production of steel beams with special software, offers to supply such machinery to https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-e-4.JPGTurkmenistan, where such production on site will be in demand taking into account urban development plans, including the project of Ashgabat City.

Zeman became the owner of Waagner Biro Steel and Glass in 2020, . It is the world’s leading steel and glass façade and cladding company with offices in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. In 15 years, Waagner Biro has implemented 75 ambitious projects in the Middle East, Great Britain and Ireland, continental Europe.

Particularly impressive are its Louvre Abu Dhabi dome, facades of Heydar Aliyev International https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-e-7.jpgAirport in Baku, the famous glass staircase at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, facades the Reichstag building in Berlin, St. Stefan in Vienna and many others.

According to the General Director of Waagner Biro Johann Sishka, in Turkmenistan their attention is attracted by the unique objects planned within the framework of the Ashgabat City project, a giant 300-meter-high monument in honor of the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence, as well as buildings with designer facades made of steel and glass.

Another profile is with Waagner Biro Bridge Systems AG. As Vice President Peter Hackl told, https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/b-1.JPGover 160 years of its existence, this company has built more than 5 thousand bridges of various types in the world (modular, panel, movable, suspended, pipe racks, etc.).

The firm is interested in building aerial pedestrian crossings for Ashgabat. More than 600 bridges of various types are planned in the Ashgabat City project alone; the construction of bridges is also envisaged by projects of new highways in the country.https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/z-2.JPG

Waagner Biro has established active relations with the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Ashgabat Mayor’s Office, and is also interested in developing contacts with the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan, private construction companies. The company offers its experience, as they say, “turnkey”: from seismicity calculations to architectural implementation, as well as assistance in personnel training.

https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/s-i-1.jpgBut it is not only Austrian construction companies that are striving to occupy a niche in the promising Turkmen market. ORIENT has already written about pharmaceutical companies willing to expand their presence in Turkmenistan and create joint ventures. Another area of mutual interest is the food industry.

Thus, BS Global GmbH, a leading Austrian manufacturer of Austria in the field of food technology, an integrated supplier of products and services in this segment, has been working with Turkmen partners for more than 12 years.https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/o-n-6.jpg

BS Global proposes to consider the full https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/b-1 (2).jpgprogram of joint projects for the creation, launch and promotion of factories, enterprises specializing in the production of various types of healthy food. According to Marcin Bogusz, CEO and owner of BS Global, it is the focus on human health that guarantees the success and profit of the food manufacturer.

ORIENT special – Neda BERGER,
Honorary Counselor of the Media-Turkmen news agency accredited in the Austrian Chancellor press service




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