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President of Turkmenistan: important task of Turkmen entrepreneurs – strengthening positions


https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2021/e-n-t (2).jpgPresident Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed participants of the exhibition and conference dedicated to the 13th anniversary of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan (UIET).

Congratulating the UIET members on opening of the specialized exhibition and conference, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized that the forum organized in the year of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan's independence testified to the successful implementation of the policy, aimed at developing private entrepreneurship.

“Private sector plays an important role in establishing modern market relations, reforming the economic and social policy of the country.

“With the support provided by the government, based on the favorable legal, economic, financial and social conditions created in the country with the aim to ensure the effective development of small and medium-sized businesses, private initiatives, our entrepreneurs significantly contribute to enhancing the economic power of the Fatherland.

“The Programme of the socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025 pays particular importance to public-private partnership, the widespread introduction of effective methods of economic management in market conditions, and the attraction of entrepreneurs to these activities. In this context, we will continue considering the development of small, medium and large businesses as one of the priority areas, we will continue to provide them with state support.

“Widely using the opportunities of the private sector in various industries, supporting entrepreneurial initiatives of citizens, we will encourage investment activity. Thus, we will further increase the current 70 % share of the non-state sector in GDP”, the President of Turkmenistan says in his address.

According to the President of Turkmenistan, wide opportunities are opened up before Turkmen entrepreneurs in the context of the development of international cooperation. As a WHO observer, Turkmenistan is provided with the opportunities to increase production capacities and export volumes as well as to ensure sustainable dynamics of market reforms.

“In honor of the 30th anniversary of the independence of Turkmenistan, many cultural, social and industrial facilities built by UIET members will be opened and put into operation. Private construction companies play an important role in the development of regions in the country, the implementation of phased projects in the Turkmen capital.

“Entrepreneurs achieve good results in the production of high-quality building materials that meet environmental requirements and in the agro-industrial complex.

“An important task of Turkmen entrepreneurs is to strengthen the position of the country in the foreign market. It is necessary to more actively put into operation new facilities for the production of import-substituting products, create additional jobs, contribute to the implementation of environmental policy, programmes aimed at the development of services, e-commerce”, the President of Turkmenistan emphasizes in his address.

Expressing confidence that the current exhibition and conference will give a new impetus to the development of the business sector, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished industrialists and entrepreneurs of the country good health, family well-being, and great success in their work.

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