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Facilities of the Olympic village are in the Guinness World Record Book


http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/g-r.jpgRepresentatives of the Guinness World Records, which collects the information about the Guinness World Record Book, have registered new places in Ashgabat as the largest facilities by certain parameters. This is attested by the certificates, according to which the image of the horse decorating the stand of the Olympic stadium in the capital is named as the largest architectural symbol of the horse on the planet and the Centre of Water Sports of the Olympic village as the largest indoor swimming pool built using newest technologies and ecologically friendly materials meeting high international standards.

On this occasion, celebration meeting with participation of the members of the Government of Turkmenistan, leaders of number of ministries and departments, mass media, cultural workers, professors, lecturers and students of the universities of the capital and representatives of non-governmental organizations of the country was held in the office of the Executive Committee for preparation of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games on August 21..

The importance of the Games, which are to be started in less than a month in Turkmen capital, was highlighted in the meeting. It was mentioned that the role of this large event covers much wider than field than just sports, its multiple effect is to be reflected on all sides of the life from international cooperation to tourism.

Thorough preparation to Asian Games in Ashgabat, which is always under strict attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, has a visual architectural embodiment – a unique sports complex, the Olympic village that has no analogues in the Central Asia and beyond its borders, has been built in the capital.

This is related not only to large-scale expansion of super project but also to the level of provision of the sports complex, which includes 30 facilities, its high-tech infrastructure, comfort and unique aesthetic appearance.

Artistic monumental image of the horse, which is the key symbol of Ashgabat Games, is an outstanding peculiar element of this image. Magnificent structure concentrates the entire concept of the Games, strive of Turkmenistan to high targets, peace on the planet and friendship between the nations, creative cooperation for universal prosperity and wellbeing, assertion of the health as a main value of life.

Turkmen horses is our glory and pride, the Head of the State says noting consummate merits of legendary ahalteke breed brought up by numerous generations of the horse breeders. As the result of painstaking selective and pedigree work, constant improvement of the training of the horses, people’s genius created a true masterpiece together with the nature.

Stately, slim-legged, with elegant smoothly arched neck, clearly cut looking like reed ears and intelligent expressive eyes ahalteke horse is indeed comparable with the artwork. At the same time, it is capable of great endurance and speed, powerful and energetic, having managed which and literally merged into this, Turkmens received a staunch friend and reliable assistant, loyal associate in combat and work, in everyday working days and holidays.

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