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5th Asian games have a special character


http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/p-r4.jpgGurbanguly Berdymuhamedov: 5th Asian games by its structure of participants, and number of sports disciplines have a special character

The President of Turkmenistan made a speech at the opening ceremony of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games.

«Today in Ashgabat we start the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games. I warmly congratulate on this significant event my compatriots, our dear visitors, international sports public, - the head of the state told.

http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/z-e1.jpg7 years ago - on December 17, 2010 - in the city of Al Kuwait a bilateral document between the Olympic committee of Turkmenistan and the Olympic Council of Asia on organization of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games in 2017 in our country was signed. I want to express sincere gratitude to the Olympic Council of Asia, its president to Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah for this decision, for the trust rendered to Turkmenistan.

It will not be an exaggeration to tell that for the past period in Turkmenistan enormous work on preparation for worthy conduction of the Games has been done, - the President noted. - in Ashgabat the Olympic village has been constructed. Its general design cost makes almost 5 billion US dollars. In the village with a total area of 157 hectares, about 40 objects, including 16 sports constructions for competitions of national and international level in various sports were erected.

This complex includes indoor and outdoor pools for swimming and jumps and also two training platforms and 10 tennis courts.

Here there are fields for bowling, badminton and table tennis, indoor bicycle track, versatile athletic fields with racetracks, training platforms and halls for football, track and field athletics, fencing and boxing, game sports, gymnastics, and also the medical centre equipped with the latest equipment.

http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/e-r.JPGBy all the perimeter of the complex pass bicycle and racetracks. Here all necessary infrastructures for maintenance of conveniences for sportsmen and spectators were created.

Among these objects it is possible to specify housing estates, cultural and shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, shops, consumer services establishments and parking places, and also pedestrian crossings and a monorail road.

For this period, besides formation of infrastructural objects, various sports actions which have confirmed full readiness of our country for the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games were carried out.

During preparation for the Asian indoor and martial arts games a great attention was given also to information support. In our country large international sports media forums, exhibitions and conferences have been held. These actions organised with the assistance of representatives of tens of countries of the world, were widely covered in national and international mass media.http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/e-r-r.JPG

On May 5, 2016 in vicinities of Ashgabat, at the fortress of Nisa - the capital of the ancient Parthian kingdom included in the List of the World Heritage of UNESCO, - a start was given to unprecedented horse run on the occasion of the beginning of 500-day countdown to the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games.

Participants of the horse relay race have carried the National flag of Turkmenistan, flag of the Olympic Council of Asia and torch of the Asian indoor and martial arts games in the territory of the country, have visited the most remote corners of our sovereign state that was an embodiment of national participation in this sports holiday, - the head of the state continued.

During preparation for the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games positive experience of cooperation with the international sports community, an effective stock of knowledge was stored, and we are ready to impart this experience to organizers of future competitions.

I want to express sincere gratitude to all our foreign friends and partners for the invaluable help rendered in the preparatory period and assistance, - the head of the state underlined.

http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/t-a4.JPGThe 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games of 2017 by structure of participants, and number of sports disciplines have a special character. And consequently it is no wonder that in connection with these Games the word "for the first time» is often used.

They are held for the first time in the state representing Central Asia. It is assured that this factor will give a powerful impulse to sports development in our region.

For the first time in history these competitions, besides delegations of the Asian continent, sportsmen from 19 states of Oceania will also take part in them. In total 65 teams will compete in 21 sports.

The subject of special pride is that for the first time the team of refugees participates in the Asian games as well.

Being guided by high humanistic ideals of the Olympic movement, Turkmenistan has offered the project of the joint Declaration on encouragement of a big contribution of the Olympic team of refugees in the strengthening of peace and security. This project will be submitted to consideration of the 36th session of Council of Human Rights to be held Geneva, - the Turkmen leader noted.

Today development of international cooperation became one of the priority directions of foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Within the limits of this work our country supports and consistently expands interaction with the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Council of Asia, United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport, World Health Organization, international and regional sports organisations.

With a view of protection of cleanliness of sports Turkmenistan on a regular basis co-operates with World anti-doping agency.

In days of stay here you will fully convinced of how Ashgabat has changed, what fine sports constructions were constructed in our country, and, not only in the capital, but also in all regions. And it, of course, is not casual, for physical culture and sports development was proclaimed by one of the major priorities of our state policy, - the head of the state told.

In the modern world sports should be a significant component of international cooperation, bringing a powerful contribution to formation of atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. Sportsmen - ambassadors of peace. With their skill and ability they in fair rivalry confirm principles of the Olympic movement, serve an example for the youth in formation of an active, creative vital position, friendly and valid relation with other people.

Certainly, such competitions as the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games, is a big holiday both for sportsmen, and for millions of people, therefore the spectators of tens of states of the planet with huge interest will watch these competitions, - the head of the state expressed confidence.

For us it is a great honour - to receive representatives of tens of states and people. We with good reason can ascertain that the rights given to Turkmenistan to hold these Games is a fruit of consecutive realisation of the peaceful, neutral, constructive and really good-neighbourhood foreign policy by our country.http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/e-r-r-r-r.JPG

Really, the respect for peace, friendship, cooperation, all people, their cultures, customs and traditions became for Turkmenistan an integral part of national consciousness. We widely introduce these concepts of all directions of our international activity, including in the sports sphere.

http://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2017/l-g.pngWe will make all necessary for highest level organization of Ashgabat -2017 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games, we will put a maximum of efforts that all participants of these Games feel hospitality and kindliness of our people on the Turkmen soil.

Let these competitions become an embodiment of adherence to principles of the Olympic movement, friendship and cooperation between peoples!

Let these competitions become a symbol of fair and valid sports rivalry!

All participants of competitions I wish outstanding victories and successes.

I declare the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games open! ».

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