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ORIENT – among young innovators, according to UN-Turkmenistan


https://www.turkmenistan-kultur.at/images/praesentation-2019/logo_ORIENT_01.jpgThe ORIENT.tm website of the Media-Turkmen News Agency, the first private News Agency in Turkmenistan, is recognized as innovative by the UN Office in the country. The article, prepared by Young SDG Ambassadors of Turkmenistan, discovers and disseminates the achievements of six young people from our country, whose activities somehow has helped to bring the change all-around, including in their professional areas of activity and in youth movement.

The six young people – a volunteer, social worker, translator, sportsman, IT specialist and journalist. Six stories, each of which in not about a single person, but about a teamwork.

“As to ORIENT, it is a team of professional journalists and young enthusiastic people such as correspondents, photographers, camera operators, IT specialists, webmasters, managers etc. Teamwork, mutual exchange of ideas, immersion in work we do and innovative approaches are guarantees of our success. I think each of young people I mentioned above would agree with me. One person is not an innovator yet. In order to become an innovator, dozens of people should continuously work,” Maya Amanmuradova, editor of the website, says.

Today, the Youth in Turkmenistan represents around 40% of Turkmenistan’s population, who as a kind of “change-maker” are changing preconceived rules and introducing innovations in their areas of activity.

Due to the promotion of youth policy, it has become easier for young people to find themselves, both in the public and private sectors. Surely, such a list should comprise not of 6 or 56 names. There are many young innovators.

Follow ORIENT updates on the website and social networks to find out more about interesting news, personalities and projects that are currently being implemented in Turkmenistan, and share with us your ideas and stories.


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